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"Pam's Lifestyle and Weight Management Program is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  It has helped me overcome insomnia and depression, and has tremendously improved my overall health and changed many aspects of my life.  I can finally be the example for my family that I've always wanted to be, and do the things with my children that I never got to do as an overweight child.  I can now do the things in life that are important to me, much more comfortably.  The weight loss, believe it or not, was just a major bonus on top of everything else.

I have decreased my weight by more than 100 lbs. and now eat more nutritiously and have made exercise a way of life. I was idle and inactive for 10 to 15 years and this program turned my life around in less than eight months. Pam is always so positive and helpful and when I felt like I wasn't going to make it, she made me feel like I could do it. The process is not always easy, but I encourage anyone desiring to regain their health to try it, you have everything to gain!"
~ G. Hill

"Personal training with Pam is a rewarding experience.  I have a very busy schedule and it provides the most efficient use of my limited work out time.  Two or three sessions per week have yielded quicker and more apparent results than one week of workouts on my own.  Her guidance in the selection and sequencing of exercises, along with great advice and encouragement are just some of the benefits of her personal training program.  I highly recommend her services to anyone that wants to improve their overall health and well-being."    ~ D. Scheele

"Pam has provided successful programs and guidance that have taken me from 235 lbs. to a healthy weight of 200 lbs. I have reduced my body fat and gained a considerable amount of strength and lean muscle mass. Her programs give me good direction towards exercise and proper nutrition. The bottom line is, I get results. I highly recommend you to participate in any of the many programs she offers."    ~ J. Elwood

"I have participated in Pam's yoga and pilates classes for two years and have experienced many benefits that help me cope with my fibromyalgia.  The poses she teaches help reduce the pain in the areas of my body that are most affected by my fibromyalgia, the arms, neck, back and chest. Pam instructs the poses in a way that customizes them for your individual needs.  She also makes you feel very comfortable doing what you can at your own level.  Yoga has helped me physically and mentally!"
~ L. Wells-Elwood

"Personal training with Pam provides the motivation and discipline I need to include regular exercise into my busy lifestyle.  She encourages me to maintain a consistent fitness regimen that helps me manage my daily stress levels."    ~ T. Roode

"Pam's Lifestyle and Weight Management Program has had a great impact on my life. I have attempted many weight loss techniques in the past, which only led to failure. This program taught me the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am confident that I can maintain these efforts for a lifetime! Pam has a great personality and is very supportive. She has provided the professional support I needed. I feel more confident, have increased my self-esteem and feel like a more positive person as a result of the program. My friends and family have commented on the many positive changes about me!"    ~ M. Gregory

"I have participated in Pam's sports performance and nutrition programs, and personal training services. These structured programs have provided me with the proper training I needed to improve my athletic performance. I successfully decreased my body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass, speed, endurance and strength. I recommend any athlete to choose"   
~ C. Shoenrock

"I have enjoy Pam's fitness classes.  She is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor.  The classes are full of variety and keep me motivated to maintain a consistent exercise routine.
She addresses each individual participant's goals when designing the classes, which creates a customized, yet fun, high energy group fitness exercise atmosphere.  Try the'll love them!"    ~ A. L. Meyer

"My physician recommended Pam to help me manage my health concerns including diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and surviving cancer. She is very compassionate and provided the education I needed to carry on my daily life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her."    ~ D. Johnson

"Pam's instruction in aquatic fitness classes and one-on-one aquatic therapy have helped me greatly with my on-going arthritis symptoms.  She has become a significant part of my life!"
~ E. Veith